This page is dedicated to the former business known as:

Saba Group

32/35, Probal housing (6th floor)
Ring Tower Land Mark
Ring Road
Mohammadpur, Dhaka – 1207


Saba Group Trade License & owners Information. Sohel Rana Babu and Mohammad Nazmul Hossain

Saba License

Cheater Sohel Rana Babu

Cheater Md. Nazmul Hussain

Sohel ID Card

Name: Sohel Rana Babu
Father’s Name: Rashid Bepari
Mother Name: Sufia Begum
Date of Birth: May 3rd, 1983
NID Number: 2914713197707

Permanent Address:
Rasta No/ Naam: Chohatta Sadipur Baitul Aman
Dakghar: Baitul Aman – 7803
Thana: Faridpur
Jela: Faridpur

Nazmul ID Card

Name: Md. Nazmul Hussain
Father’s Name: Md. Sohrab Hussain
Mother’s Name: Abeda Sultana
Date of Birth: December 31st, 1991
NID Number: 19911810787000182

Permanent Address:
Basha/ Holding: 122
Gram/ Rasta: Shampur
Dakghar: Alamanga – 7210
Alamdanga, Chuadanga

Scammer Sohel Rana Babu

Sohel Rana Babu

Scammer Md. Nazmul Hussain


Saba's history with Ineves Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Saba Group purchased solar panel from Ineves Solar Pvt. Ltd. for a total of 12,000,00.00 Taka on September 13th, 2017.

Instead of paying 3,000,00.00 Taka cash as agreed upon earlier. On the date of delivery they came over to take delivery of the product an hour before bank closing and said we were unable to withdraw the money from the bank so we are giving a check for 3,000,00.00 Taka which was supposed to be paid in cash dated September 13th, 2017 and a second check for 9,000,00.00 dated October 5th, 2017 which was agreed upon previously that they will pay the remainder amount 21 days after delivery. In good faith Ineves Solar Pvt. Ltd. accepted the checks and delivered the products.

Since September 13th 2017 Saba Groups has paid only an amount of 3,000,00.00 Taka after going there numeroud times and them giving Ineves Solar Pvt. Ltd. the run around for  more than 4 months at which point Saba closed their business and disappeared.

In December 2017 when they were found and was asked for the money they provided the following video statement that they will pay the money in instalments every month starting January 28th. Again Ineves Solar agreed on their deal and waited till January 28th.

At this point Ineves Solar Pvt. Ltd. has Filed a GD with Mohammadpur police but they are no where to be found.


Saba Invoice

Bounced Checks & Video Statements Coming Soon...