The combined quality and experience of the management team is two of the most important factors used to evaluate the potential of a new business, and Ineves’ team does not disappoint. The Company’s management possesses the experience, the skills and the vision to create a strong and sustainable business, with built-in leadership that will push Ineves to new heights.

Saimoon Bhuiyan

Saimoon Bhuiyan serves as the Company’s Chairman. With 20 years of management experience, Saimoon has a strong understanding of the essentials to maintain a successful business. His seasoned leadership and team management competencies will allow him to confidently provide proper direction and make tough decisions.

Saimoon worked at LexisNexis, an industry leader in legal software solutions and online research, from 1998 to 2016, and has had the opportunity to develop his management and business acumen. His advancements within that organization are impressive, where he was able to consistently improve operational efficiencies of the products and services, maintain and promote peak performance of the teams he managed, and redesign customer service models and support strategies that proved to boost the organisation’s bottom line.

As the Chairman of Ineves, Saimoon Bhuiyan has an array of responsibilities, of which he is equipped to handle, including:

  • Leadership and final decision making for all critical actions within the business
  • Administration and maintenance of the current technology
  • Strategic involvement in new service and product development
  • Management of existing teams as well as recruiting new talent as needed
  • Capital allocation, budget management and optimization of financial resources
  • Selectively seeking business expansion opportunities
  • Quality assurance of product development, service and overall methodology
  • Development of new approaches to customers, markets and industries

Industries employed: Legal Software Technology

Mahboob Alam Khan

Mahboob serves as the Company’s Managing Director and oversees Techincal and Sales. Mahboob is an award winning talent, with a keen understanding of the technical and operational requirements to run a successful business. With a 20-year professional history, Mahboob has developed an excellent track record of high productivity and continues to show strengths in areas of Solar Energy, astute team management, Renewable Sustainable Energy and strategic marketing efforts.

These commendable attributes are coupled with his strong background in customer relations. Mahboob has been instrumental is creating successful customer satisfaction programmes during his lifelong career, and will use this experience and knowledge to build the highest level of customer awareness for Ineves and for the Company’s products that focus on quality products.

As the Managing Director, Mahboob Alam Khan has multiple responsibilities at Ineves, including:

  • Assisting the Chairman with all important decisions, strategies and capital allocations
  • Responsible for the efficiency and effectiveness of all business operations and policies
  • Company finances, accounting, record keeping and budgets
  • Production management and strategic involvement in new products
  • Marketing: website copy, product description, and company communications
  • Collaborating on the sales process, marketing and advertising strategies
  • Overseeing the entire customer journey to ensure a positive customer experience

To contact Mahboob, email or call +880 1712 614580

Industries employed: Sustainable Energy

Sajib Bhuiyan

Sajib Bhuiyan serves as the Regional Sales Manager for Bangladesh and oversees all aspects of Sales for that area.

As the Regional Sales Manager, Sajaib has multiple responsibilities at Ineves, including:

  • Assisting the Chairman & Managing Director with all important decisions regarding Sales strategy for the Bangladesh region
  • Developing, maintaining and implementing a region specific sales plan for the accomplishment of objectives using Ineves’ management-defined sales processes
  • Sales Forecasts
  • Leading the local Sales Team
  • Acting as a coach and mentor to Business Development Managers and supporting their development for succession planning and career development
  • Initiating sales support and liaising with marketing team to leverage advertising opportunities
  • Overseeing the entire customer journey to ensure a positive customer experience

To contact Sajib, email or call +880 1711 648852

Kazi Sajib

Kazi Sajib serves as the Technical Lead for Bangladesh.

As the Technical Lead, Sajib has multiple responsibilities at Ineves.

To contact Sajib, email or call +880 1931 757584